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Following my work at COP26 & 27 with the New York Times, I developed a broad knowledge base in climate change and the environment. I was approached by the WaterBear network with the opportunity to be a lead creative on a comedy/climate film set in Glasgow called 'Mind The Gap'. I led the development team and delivered concept and script for the film which now features on the WaterBear VOD platform. It was my first time working in this capacity and I always welcome the opportunity to combine skillsets or interests and challenge myself with new positions. This film was about the circular economy and the work being done to tackle climate change in Scotland. We had the opportunity to highlight some of the incredible independent businesses who are thought-leaders in this sector and the film was well received by viewers on the platform.

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Zara Janjua is a Scottish Pakistani multi-hyphenate freelancer who works across a variety of careers and industries. Her multi-disciplinary work spans from news presenting and financial sector keynotes to stand-up comedy and acting. She is a broadcaster, journalist and presenter, who has worked with the BBC and ITV for more than 15 years. She has written for The Guardian and worked with the New York Times at COP26 and COP27. She sits on the Ethnicity Advisory Council for NatWest specialises in philanthropic films. Every year she dedicates her production skills to a charity to produce short films and documentaries. She has worked with marginalised and disabled women in Nepal, last year she climbed Kilimanjaro while filming for a children’s charity and this year she travelled to Guatemala to document the work of literacy projects in rural villages. Zara has won BAFTAs, NTA’s and RTS awards while freelancing for programmes like This Morning on ITV and was recently named one of the most talented up and coming women in Britain at the Women of The Future Awards. Zara is also a screenwriter and copywriter; she joined the BBC Comedy Writersroom and has been a finalist for the Funny Women Awards in comedy writing and comedy shorts. She has been commissioned to produce, write, direct and perform in several BBC Comedy Shorts with BBC Studios and has appeared in comedy shows with Susan Calman and ITV Dramas including Karren Pirrie. She is a regular columnist for The Sun and presents on BBC Radio London and BBC Radio Scotland.

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