Simon Caine
Award-winning social media content creator
Highlight of the year

I launched the London Eye TikTok account and grew it to 12,000 followers in under 3 months. I'm really proud of the content and storytelling we achieved in such short clips. I did this while working for Ginger Juice agency.

Simon Caine
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I'm an award-winning content creator, comedian, writer and podcaster from London. I've worked on over 100 household brands in the last 10 years, spanning everything from live tweeting to launching new social channels to creating day-to-day content calendars.I've written two books about social media. One published by the Guardian in 2014 called "How to get a job using Twitter" and one was crowdfunded by my own online audience called "How to make a living by working for free". I love creating engaging content and can't wait to see where this year is going to take me.

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