Nick Doyle
Senior Digital Project Manager
Highlight of the year

Tata Avinya car launch in Mumbai 2022 - flying to Mumbai with a great team and pulling off an extraordinary event. I came back 5kg heavier but 100% worth it.

Working on Fifa 2022 - being let off the leash to propose the wackiest ideas we could think of. 100m inflatable tied between two hotels with lasers? Yes please.

Nick Doyle
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I'm a digital PM, getting involved in the nitty gritty of code creation and bringing bonkers ideas to life just for the fun of it. I've been working for a decade in the project/account management space mostly in experiential creative agencies focusing producing bespoke digital experiences. Usually I work in the events space but, since 2020, I've been all over the shop with broadcast, web builds, game development, CMS management and productivity consultancy.

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Pernod Ricard
Havas People
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