Nicholas Martin
Motion Graphic Designer & Animator
Highlight of the year

The highlight of the year for me was getting to work on an animated short for 'Institute for Human Rights & Business', highlighting the exploitation of migrant workers worldwide. Projects that aim to help educate people about really important subjects that have the potential to make a difference don't come around often, and it was an absolute pleasure to work on. You can view the project here.

I've also worked on a ton of social media campaigns for eBay, Crave, Carlsberg, Rockstar and Pepsi, which has been a lot of fun too.

Nicholas Martin
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I'm a senior motion designer & animator working with internationally acclaimed brands and agencies across the UK and globally. My background in design has allowed me to work across the entire creative process, from conceptual work, creative direction, design, illustration, storyboarding, animation and video editing.

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