Marc Foley-Comer
Senior Publicist
Highlight of the year

I came up with the concept, and spearheaded, the ‘Yeezy Come Yeezy Go’ campaign for a new client NAAMA Studios - a tattoo removal studio in London. The campaign offered Kanye West fans in the UK the chance to have their now rather embarrassing Yeezy-inspired tattoo’s removed for free. Simple concept, no costs, lots of media pick-up. Coverage landed with the likes of Reuters, NME, Evening Standard, The Independent, Metro, AOL to various international news outlets and podcasts including The Washington Post, Euronews and the NY Post. Most notably however, was our mention on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in the US.The campaign was nominated for Best Media Relations at the PR Moment 2023 Award

Marc Foley-Comer
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Marc is an established publicist with over 14 years’ experience in consumer, film, entertainment and lifestyle PR. He has worked across traditional, digital, social and influencer-led campaigns for high-profile clients including Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros, Paramount Pictures, Samsung KX, Amazon Prime Video and Deliveroo. Marc is highly competent in managing media relations, sell-ins, and press days; working with influencers; and liaising with print, broadcast and digital media.

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