Larry Goddard
Test Automation Architect
Highlight of the year

My highlight was getting the opportunity to work with HogathWW on the 'Apple project' seeing out the launch of their new product 'Apple Mac Studio' , 'Apple
Studio Display' and all the other updated existing products that was highlighted in their March Launch.

On a lighter note I also created an open source automation testing tool called 'klassi-js'.

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Larry Goddard
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Designed, created, developed and implemented the Klassi Automated Test Framework for Cambridge University - Cambridge Assessment (CA) web teams using NodeJs, JavaScript and Webdriverio. Later adapted for PDF comparison testing created by the Cambridge Assessment CCMS PDF Renditioning platform. ISEB Accredited QA with 15+ yrs experience, with a thorough understanding of Software Development Life Cycle. I have a vast range of experience in client facing roles whilst working in ample business environments adapting to new technologies.

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