Kristopher Hamilton
Senior Account Manager
Highlight of the year

The past year has been spent working on Ford, one of the highlights of this account is their "Make it visible" campaign which focusses on the mental health of people in the construction industry.

We lose 2 construction workers each day to suicide, Ford partner with the lighthouse charity and together we have at least 41 confirmed cases of lives saved.

On Ford I have also worked closely with the RNLI on their partnership with Ford to help save lives on UK Rivers and Beaches.

Basically, Ford, and I (most importantly right...) save lives.

Kristopher Hamilton
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I have been a freelancer for over 8 years, specialising in integrated, consumer-first strategic planning as well as B2B comms strategy and strategic data analysis on some of the most notable accounts in the industry such as L’Oréal | Nestle | Vodafone | Visa | HP | HTC | Icelandair | FedEx | PaddyPower | Dell | Sony | Lacoste | Hyundai | Airlander | McDonalds | RNLI | Bumble and Ford as well as others.

My experience has allowed me to run award winning campaigns in over 50 markets across all mediums and platforms within the industry.

I am a single father living in Dorset and London, I spend most of my free time with my children and dogs in the country side, and running passion projects such as sustainability stores and Children's Charity work.

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