Kevinjohn Gallagher
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Highlight of the year

I live for delivering complex digital programs and services that drive real social change, and the shocking statistic that 68% of the LGBTQ+ community had been victims of hate crime in the last year, but three quarters went unreported, felt ripe for disruption.

Working with Potato, to collaborate with the Vodafone Foundation, Stonewall and Galop on the wonderful Zoteria, an app to provide an easy and effective way to report abusive incidents and offer support, has been the highlight of my year.WPP thought so too, making it one of their Top 5 global projects in 2023; adding it to their Featured Work page and giving the project it’s own page in their 2023 Investor pack.

Kevinjohn Gallagher
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20 years of award-winning digital delivery, with the largest agencies and clients in the world... though apparently it's not enough to stop my Mum asking when I'm going to get a “real job”!

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