Jo Minnitt
User Experience Lead
Highlight of the year

Working with PRS completing a proof of concept research project to design a better way for musicians to ensure they're paid royalties when their music is played, anywhere in the world. Working collaboratively with the client, we tested 3 concepts with users indicating incredible uplift in usability and potential brand reputation.

Jo Minnitt
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I lead web redesign projects for large companies with diverse user bases and often complex business needs. A successful project for me is one where I work in collaboration with the client web teams which measurably benefit both the customer and the business.

Since 2009 I've been working across fashion, retail, finance, service and education projects, considering the business needs, complex technical dependencies to create simple and enjoyable user journeys. I'm friendly and collaborative - I believe it's essential that everyone on the team feels empowered to ask questions and learn about what makes great user experiences and why it matters - and how it can make a huge impact on the success of their role, too. I hope to leave a project making sure everyone is an advocate for the user, and knows how to complete research and measure success.

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Royal MailRoyal Mail
The British Red Cross
Queen Mary University
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