Imran Hawkins
Senior communications and strategist
Highlight of the year

Working on Cocoa Life, Mondelēz sustainability programme; first to celebrate its 10 Year anniversary and then a second project on its 2030 vision. I loved it because supply chains are a passion of mine - it allowed me to write lots of creative copy, have a say over mood films (using my ITV experience from a previous career), do strategic media relations.

Imran Hawkins
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A jack of all trades, mastering them good time! Over seven years' experience working predominately agency side, with 18 months being freelance.

A big draw to freelance was being able tap into each of my passion points, and in particular upweighting my DE&I projects. These have that have seen me design attraction campaigns for a major drinks brand, write speeches for big pharma and create internal activations for a household airline brand.

I'm always looking honing my skills, to move toward mastering all the facets of my professional work. That's meant working cross-sector. Mondelēz to Starling Bank to SEAT and everything in between. Doing internal and external comms, brand strategy, content, and digital work.

But equally, I'm very aware that a freelancer must fit into the need of the day. So in among the creative contracts, it's really listening to what is needed. Pitching in without ego to help a busy team in need.

And what about outside work? Well I'm a very lazy rower, having started rowing for the first time two years' ago for London Otters (a LGBTQ+ club). I love to bake. Drink of choice is either a Carlsberg (basic I know, don't judge) or a Gin+Tonic (slim line).

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