Francesca Levi Morenos
Senior Designer
Highlight of the year

Celebrating Joe & The Juice’s 10 year anniversary campaign by creating a bespoke illustration that is now in print across all of Joe’s signature pink coffee cups, spreading the love (and coffee) around London and beyond.

Francesca Levi Morenos
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My name is Francesca, dynamic designer and dancing the freelance jig for 3 years now. I help brands and agencies connect with their audience through clever and eye-catching design that makes people smile. At heart I'm a people-focused artist with big ideas. With 9 years creative professional experience, a background in fine art, a penchant for illustration and a stint in set design for film, I am truly a creative chameleon. At the end of the day, I'm all about finding human and heartfelt ways to dazzle and delight.

Previously hired by
Brave Spark
Uncommon Creative Studio
Design Bridge
Joe & The Juice
on YunoJuno