Charlotte Lo
CCXP, CX Director & Innovation Specialist
Highlight of the year

Judge on the U.K. and International CX Awards. Defined the CX North Stars and CX Propositions bespoke for various iconic brands and retailers across multiple sectors. Created various innovation products for a global beauty giant. Mentored 3x schools in London on business innovation for The Grocer's Academy Awards, including the Grand Prix Winner.

Charlotte Lo
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Charlotte ('CLo') is a CCXP (Certified Customer Experience Professional by the CXPA).

Yuno Juno Freelancer of the Year Finalist 2022.

Educator, mentor and thought leader on CX.Led CX at BBH for 7 years when they were #1 creative agency in the U.K.

Judge on the International CX Awards (iCXA) and the U.K. CX Awards (UKCXA).

Product Designer and Innovation Specialist (1st Class Honours at Central Saint Martins).

Lectured and mentored at Central Saint Martins to nurture new creative talent.

I enjoy bringing brands and people closer together through experience and empathy.

Championing customers and colleagues every step of the way.

Creating meaningful experiences around brands, products, digital, services and environments that excite customers, generate growth and define new creative boundaries.

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Wunderman Thompson
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