Amy Reed
Social Media Strategist & Consultant
Highlight of the year

A highlight among the many wonderful opportunities I've had this year so far was joining a lovely bunch of creatives and strategists at Hogarth Worldwide, to work together on a reactive social pitch for one of the UK's largest insurance companies. It required collaboration, compromise and a whole lot of creativity, and in the end, the pitch was won!

Amy Reed
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As someone who has always been chronically online, I love that as a freelancer, I've been able to take my passion for internet culture, online conversation and creative trends and apply it to some of the biggest global brands and their agencies. I'm a strategist and consultant and I offer a wide variety of services. But my focus is primarily organic social and content strategy for pitches and projects of all kinds (Compare the Market, Post Office, The Singleton Whisky, Amazon Prime), as well as creative ideation, mainly in the Entertainment industries (The Wizarding World Franchise, Netflix, Lionsgate, Sky). I love to take existing strategies or briefs and translate them into the creative language of social. And I can swiftly slot into your teams with ease to provide the required expertise whilst working collaboratively where needed.

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