Direct. Transparent. Curated.

YunoJuno is revolutionising the future of work. What started out as a curated marketplace for the creative industries has grown into the leading platform for London's elite freelance creative network. Our platform supports the entire engagement lifecycle, from finding the perfect freelancer for your brief, through transparent and direct communication (no intermediary), to contract and time management, billing, and analytics.

When we started YunoJuno in 2012, we selfishly wanted to build a company that we ourselves wanted to work for. We had each been in companies that not only made the day-to-day experience enjoyable, but also empowered people to collectively achieve a common goal. We thought that was a pretty decent place to start in recreating that same environment for YunoJuno.We're now approximately 50 across London, New York and Minsk and if you fit any of the roles below, we'd love to hear from you. If you want to understand a bit more about our culture, here's our CEO waxing further lyricals from his mindhead.

We have a single bold mission: unlock the true potential of freelance.

Last year, 5,780 freelancers on the YunoJuno network were booked for a total of 281,000 days and generated £101m of earnings. What started as a simple idea is transforming the freelance industry.

All your freelancers, in one place.






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