Oliver Lewis
Market Research, Analyst & Insight
Highlight of the year

My work highlight for the last 12 months was a challenging research project working with Google to better understand how different personas use Google Maps and other data visualisation tools to overcome global issues such as violent extremism, disinformation or online abuse. It was a real highlight, as my work typically involves researching brands and this project pushed me out of my "brand research" comfort zone, into the realms of opportunity analytics to solve bigger real world problems.

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Oliver Lewis
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Over 10+ years experience in marketing research, brand evaluation, social listening and digital analytics. My core focus is on assisting clients with understanding how their brand is performing and how their brand is perceived by consumers.  I have deep knowledge in market research (quantitative and qualitative research methodologies), able to lead in designing, implementing and reporting data across large-scale surveys evaluating brand performance, market landscapes, customer experience and customer segmentation/behaviour.

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