Dimitri Daill
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Dimitri Daill
on YunoJuno
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In my many years of healthcare research experience, I have conducted qualitative interviews about a broad range of research objectives including: category and brand therapeutic insight and development, emotive drivers, professional and consumer segmentation, new product development and positioning, patient education materials, professional advertising, and exploration of ongoing attitudes and motivations for existing brands.I have a very relaxed, affable style of moderating which makes respondents comfortable, whether they are physicians, KOLs, nurses or patients. This establishes an environment which invites engagement from the respondents and makes them fully comfortable.I have moderated more than 1,000+ physician, nurse, KOLs and patient market research sessions which include the mix of in-depth interviews, focus groups and telephone/internet. In addition to conducting qualitative interviews, groups and online moderation, I also work on analysis.

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