David Alford
Language and Research Expertise
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So, I regularly work with Kantar Health and Cerner - they are a fantastic team and they know what they are doing project wise. The last job we completed together was a report on a very complex healthcare problem for adults and it was such a growth and learning experience for me personally. Generally, I am a content analyser but for this project I was asked to write a full report of about 50 slides and my ambition was simply to produce the best work and 'add value' for the client. I think we all succeeded in doing so! Happy to recommend Cerner and happy to work with them in the future....

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David Alford
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Research and Language expert across a diverse range of specialist fields. I have worked in a variety of strategic project management roles for over 13 years. Provide a full-service portfolio of skills and project deliverables. Can provide your transcription, translation and analysis requirements with that extra level of expertise and detail. Possess excellent moderation and interviewing skills. Report writing experience as well.

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