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We rely on the amazing talent of our freelance creative & production staff to bring our programming campaigns alive. We are proud and thankful to work with so many skilled individuals across the industry. Our campaigns are the success they are because of the high-quality work, craft, and teamwork they bring to the table.

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BBC Studios
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A global content company with bold, British creativity at its heart.

BBC Studios is an unrivalled creator of, and investor in, the very best British programmes reaching audiences around the world. It is the principal commercial arm of the BBC, and it brings in around £200m annually to support the licence fee.

Working with the best British writers, directors and programme-makers, we champion British creativity, crafting over 2500 hours of content every year through seven production bases in the UK and production bases and partnerships in a further nine countries around the world. And that’s not all. We’re a committed partner to the UK’s thriving independent production community, as well as other broadcasters and digital platforms, delivering content that showcases the best of British talent, stamped with the hallmark of quality.

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