Amy Daroukakis
Global Cultural Strategist + Trends & Insights Researcher
Highlight of the year

My brain this year got to ping pong between understanding the future of luxury travel for an iconic LVMH owned brand, defining the ideal audience of the V&A's future East Museum, exploring how to save sneaker culture from just being about commerce, reimagining the vampire's genre for a US TV network, advising Airbnb on the "great resignation", and getting lost in the supermarket isles for a plethora of brands creating the next wave of beverages.

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Amy Daroukakis
on YunoJuno
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I provide global businesses with strategic insights (culture, category, citizen, company), emergent trends that inform product/market direction and future-forward content that builds brands from the ground up - within the following sectors: Luxury, Wellness, Hospitality, FMCG, Automotive, Beauty/Fashion, Art/Design & The Future of Work.

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