Dec 4, 2015

The Sweet FAs: A Brief History


t its simplest, YunoJuno is a place where connections happen. But as our community grew and we knew our members deserved more. Freelancers, for many years, have been the unsung hero of great creative work - work that has created billions of dollars in value for clients and they themselves have become an integral part of furthering innovation for the many industries they participate in.

So it was time to recognise them for this. To celebrate their incredible contribution to the creative and technology sector along with their bravery and tenacity in being a business of one.

Celebrating Excellence in Professional Independence.

Every year our community gets stronger and every year the YunoJuno Freelancer Awards has a bigger impact in elevating the freelance economy. We are incredibly proud to use our platform to celebrate and recognise these individuals as well as the forward-thinking organisations utilising them for their projects.

As freelancers, we don't win awards. But we do now, thanks to YunoJuno. - Gabriel Collard, 2017 Freelancer of the Year

Watch how it went down in previous years...