Emma Cragg + Ece Kurtaraner
Facilitator + Community Strategist
Highlight of the year

The highlight of our year has been collaborating to launch and run Leapers Pods — small accountability groups designed to help fellow freelancers focus on getting their most important work done. We provide a structure and a space where the group supports each other over the course of the four-week Pod. We knew from our own experiences the power of accountability to help with focus, motivation and making progress. What we didn't expect is the overwhelming power of peer support and camaraderie the group creates.

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Emma Cragg + Ece Kurtaraner
on YunoJuno
Member since

Ece helps freelance-focused businesses to create and follow the right action plan for building an engaging community.

Emma brings a coaching approach to facilitation, creating a space that is open, explorative and safe. Designing workshops to make sure that the whole group is able to contribute.

Together we share a passion for mindful productivity and the art of getting things done without burning out. We combine our strengths in coaching and community building as co-facilitators.

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University of Glasgow
Mercian Collaboration
Ece Kurtaraner
on YunoJuno