2020 Winner: Sophie O’Connor

Support via Zoom

Sophie helped support freelancers through lockdown through her online network, The Village Creatives. She would run weekly virtual catchups and check-ins, mentoring new freelancers.

Since meeting Sophie via LinkedIn, I have been overwhelmed with her kindness and supportive nature to help others through her Village Creative community. During Lockdown, this provided an essential and very welcoming focal point of the week. An opportunity to discuss our mental well-being, work situation and network with like-minded creatives was essential to get through this tough period.
Having experienced low confidence during lockdown, Sophie offered one-on-one confidence building sessions. Her passion for helping the creative freelancer industry is inspiring.
I first came across Sophie in the summer during lockdown. On LinkedIn at the time there was a thing called ‘The Daily Brief’ set by and open to all creatives. Both Sophie and I amongst many others regularly submitted our solutions to the briefs - we only 10 minutes to come up with our ideas. It was a great way to get some exposure and meet other creatives. And this is how I ended up joining Sophie’s Village Creatives with weekly catch ups during the summer through Zoom chats hosted by Sophie.

Sophie is not only passionate about everything creative and branding in particular but has an interest in all other creatives whatever their industry and specialities. Every week then and monthly now Sophie would send out Zoom invites and then host the meetings which would usually focus on a certain subject, for example; coping with working from home during lockdown - great therapy.

Meet Sophie

Senior Designer / Brand Designer
YunoJuno member since: Apr 2019

Sophie O’Connor is an Award Winning freelance senior designer with a proven record of delivering creative design solutions. With over twelve years’ industry experience working with some of the most successful advertising and design agencies in London, she is more than capable of transferring her skills across a wide variety of jobs; from print design and art direction to brand identity and digital design.

Sophie has worked at some of the world's leading design and advertising agencies, on some of the biggest brands and has even designed a font for the BBC!

YunoJuno member since: Apr 2019

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