2020 Winner: Nick Kyriakides

Mentoring & Celebrating Frontline Workers

Nick worked on a project for Cisco, which was a celebration of talented artists in Switzerland performing live for the front line health workers during Covid-19. With each iteration, Nick helped tell and present this important story of celebrating the ones that put their lives on the line every day, paired with technology to make this happen all virtually with Cisco's platform. Nick was incredibly professional, patient, caring and creative with the project, making their vision possible to spread this positive message.

Not only has Nick pivoted his business to embrace the new reality we are currently experience, he has also helped many other freelancers to make progress in their businesses.

It is for his creativity, heart, compassion and generosity that I am nominating Nick. He is exceptional in what he does.
Nick is without doubt one of those people who always puts the life and wellness of others before himself. He's invested in the skills and training to nurture and develop his innate empathy and always champions the fundamentals of kindness & understanding.

Meet Nick

Video Editor / Motion Graphics / Retouch / Animation
YunoJuno member since: Mar 2018

Nick is a senior post-production artist that specialises in editing, visual fx, motion GFX, compositing, retouch and grading. An Apple-certified trainer in Final Cut Pro 7, Final Cut Pro X, with 12+ years experience in the Adobe range, predominantly After Effects, Premiere and all aspects of a post workflow.

With an extensive portfolio and experience in Video, TV and Film, having had the privilege to collaborate with some of the worlds biggest brands in all genres.

YunoJuno member since: Mar 2018

Be the change you want to see in the world.

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