2020 Winner: Matthew Knight

Championing Mental Health

Matthew Knight is the founder of Leapers - a community organisation that supports the mental health of freelancers and the self-employed. Their mission is to make modern work more supportive and sustainable for modern workers.

Matthew created a safe space of helpful and supportive interaction for freelancers all over the world. Since the pandemic started in April, Matthew has really upped the ante on support for the entire group, from bringing onboard counselling services for those who are struggling, always being there with a positive comment or suggestion, and definitely always being there with a smile and a coffee mug emoji every morning, even though he’s very honest about his own struggles with mental health.

He is so generous, sharing his own experiences and the things that have helped him along the way. And in COVID times, he's gathered the awesome insights we freelancers have about working from home etc. and shared that with the wider work and well-being audiences.
Leapers is a labour of love, and so personal to Matthew - he's seeing where there's a need and filling it. No company seems willing to invest in any systems that could make better relationships with freelancers, so Matthew fills that gap. As the way we work changes, he will be at the forefront.
What I love about Matthew is that for him, it's about so much more than just the ‘work’ … it’s about all of the crucial yet often overlooked soft and hard stuff that sits around any freelance engagement… From onboarding, to mental health support to proper feedback and everything in-between. He is always a total joy to work with and his passion and enthusiasm for everything he does is completely infectious.

Whilst the world braces for the impact of the emerging pandemic of COVID-19 caused by Coronavirus, people are looking towards remote-working whilst self-quarantined or enforced isolation, and the self-employed are preparing for the impact the outbreak may have on their ability to work.

Matthew, via Leapers, is collecting and creating resources around the topic for anyone who finds them useful, not just the self-employed - with a focus on maintaining positive mental health under challenging times.

Meet Matthew

Senior Creative and Innovation Strategist
YunoJuno member since: Dec 2018

I'm a 20 year veteran of digital, innovation and creative businesses, and have most recently been head of strategy and innovation for Carat UK. My experience is a mix of creative, product, above the line, digital, media and advertising agencies.

I've worked for agencies including W+K, Anomaly, AMV, M&C Saatchi, and brands including Nike, Innocent, Philips, British Gas, GoCompare and Arla. I'm a D&AD award winner, regular writer for publications like The Drum, Campaign, The Grocer, and spend 20% of my time on non-commercial and non-profit projects.

YunoJuno member since: Dec 2018

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