2020 Winner: Matt Keen


Matt has worked tirelessly to get equal government financial support for freelancers who work as Ltd companies, and have been totally excluded by the government for the last 8 months. He set up #WeAreLtd and joined forces with #ForgottenLtd and other organisations to lobby MPs, journalists and anyone who would listen.

Juggling looking after his family whilst creating a number of online films for #WeAreLtd, he has used every connection he can to raise awareness of the plight of limited company directors. His finest hour was pulling together a remake of the famous 1997 Blackcurrant Tango ad, turning it into a tirade aimed at the UK government. The film was seen by Martin Lewis, Piers Morgan, over 100,000 others, and RT'd by Armando Ianucci and James O Brien.

Meet Matt

YunoJuno member since: April 2015

Having worked for 30+ agencies at home and abroad, most of Matt’s work is ‘Moving Image'. He’s worked on most types of projects in his career: Live action, animation, DOOH, Online films, Building Projections, Events, Stills, Motion Graphics, Digital banners and Sponsorship bumpers. On top of that he has also done loads of radio, music production and negotiation, as well as audio production.

YunoJuno member since: April 2015

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