2020 Winner: Jake Fenton

Supporting local community

Jake is a new freelance food stylist which meant, unfortunately  he wasn’t entitled to any government help during lockdown. However, this didn't knock his spirit. He was very resourceful and quickly set up a home studio, so that he could not only create spectacular dishes for his client, but he could also capture them on camera.

We want to nominate Jake as this would be a well-deserved reward for all his efforts and positivity is such a hard time for everyone. We are very proud to work with such a talent.

You can find Jakes stunning food styling work here, www.jakefenton.co.uk.

Without Jake’s quick thinking, the client wouldn’t have had any content without his positivity and resourcefulness.
Not only did he help the client achieve their end goals, Jack ended up giving surplus food to food banks and locally isolating people via olio, a food sharing app.

Meet Jake

Food Stylist
YunoJuno member since: Oct 2020

Jake is a freelance food stylist and recipe developer. He works across editorial, social, publishing and advertising campaigns for companies such as Tesco, BBC Good Food, Olive Magazine, Penguin Random House and many more. Previous to food styling Jake was an award-winning creative Art Director at top advertising agencies for several years. He decided it was time to combine his passion for creativity with his love for fabulous food, so he left his job in the city to learn the skills he would need to take the food world by storm and trained at the renowned Leiths School of Food & Wine.

YunoJuno member since: Oct 2020

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