2020 Winner: Hashmukh Kerai

Mental Health App

Hashmukh suffered with anxiety during the lockdown, so decided to make a mini-series on how to manage your mental health and self-isolation during this time.

The calming series helped people stop thinking about the virus and take a step back from the crazy times they were all going through: https://www.hashmukh.com/breathe

Meet Hashmukh

Motion Graphic Designer
YunoJuno member since: June 2015

Inspired by his experience of film and production as an undergraduate and by his lifelong passion for visual imagery and design, Hashnukh really enjoyed establishing his professional career in motion graphics and animation. His strengths are in 3D design and animation and he is always looking into new technology and techniques to better his work and keep on top of new trends, pushing the boundaries of his work.

YunoJuno member since: June 2015

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