2020 Winner: Eboni Dixon

Supporting Black Lives Matter

Eboni has helped to spread awareness of love, kindness and awareness of important topics. Posting relatable content during BLM about her mixed race heritage and speaking out about mental health and important discussions around identity. She has had many blog comments and YouTube comments of people relating to her content.

To my lovely friend Eboni, I am so glad to have a friend like you. You’re caring, supportive and understanding. I'm proud of the work you do from talking about growing up Mixed race, the Black lives matter movement and mental health. We need more voices like yours who are not afraid to speak up to injustice. Your Authenticity and passion makes you one of the coolest people I know. Thank you for touching my life and many others in ways you may never know.

Grace (ShaCourage)

Meet Eboni

Content Creator
YunoJuno member since: July 2020

Eboni is an award-winning fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger, based in London, UK. She trained for 5 years as an actor and singer, and continues to work professionally within the performance industry alongside her blogging. She has cultivated a reputation for her high-quality, thorough travel content, which has led to features in Blogosphere Magazine, Look Again Magazine, the Huffington Post and many more!

YunoJuno member since: July 2020

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