2020 Winner: Allie Crawford

Fundraising for the NHS

When covid hit in March, Allie’s partner lost his filming work overnight. So Allie continued to freelance up until the morning she went into hospital to have her baby and was back at it, only two weeks later.  

Allie worked on an NHS Charities together animation. It was a 3 day job but Allie worked several days more, for free on the project, off her own back, because she wanted to give back to the NHS who were working so hard during the covid crisis.  All profits for that project went to the NHS Charities Together - raising over £50,000.


Although Allie is up all night with the baby and spends her days running between her freelance work , as well as feeding her now three month old, she is spending her evenings setting up a social enterprise. This is so her work can help train young people in deprived areas, to go into further education to become designers and animators, just like what she did.

Allie not only did a fantastic job producing an animated version of our Hope The Rainbow Fairy charity picture book, but she was also kind enough to donate half her fee to NHS Charities Together.
I was delighted to hear that Allie had been shortlisted for this award, a testament in itself of her hard work. Besides the many talents and skills Allie has, attention to detail, the artistic and stunning design, she still has more to offer. Any job she takes on, no matter the size or importance, she will no doubt always deliver to the very highest standard. Beyond any expectations and on time even if it means working past normal hours.
With an incredibly high job ethic, passion for arts and a can do attitude, I think Allie would be well deserving of an acknowledgement on her hard work.

Meet Allie

2D Animator, Editor, Filmmaker, Designer, Illustrator
YunoJuno member since: July 2016

Allie is a 2D animator, motion designer, editor and graphic designer with over 16 years experience. She’s worked on a wide array of projects including music videos, TV series, feature films, short films, TV commercials, promo videos, billboards, and online films to name a few.

YunoJuno member since: July 2016

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